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A Kenya Event Calendar currently containing upcoming event listings and things to do in Indianapolis and Indiana. ALWAYS verify the event listings to be certain they will be held as scheduled, especially outdoor events.

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A community blog that have rich information from different people. All the resources on this blog comes from professionals, amature, freelance and basically anybody who has something to say. Let us know and we will publish your blog.

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Latest and most current and reliable news and information around us and also internationally. Find out what is happening interms of Politis, Lifestyles, Sports, Science and technology and many more.

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The Value of 'Time'

  • Created: Fri 1st Feb 2013
  • Joe

A young man learns what's most important in life from the guy next door... Read more

What Changes In Your Body As You Age?

  • Created: Thu 17th Jan 2013
  • Joe

Your metabolism: As you age, you may notice that you pick up weight more easily than before (even though you probably haven’t changed your food intake... Read more